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CODE 01 ❥ Timber

Hello, everyone! I've been fairly absent on the icon front; apologies (I do have some that I might post up soon!), and the Graces thing never happened. However, today I bring you a slightly different offering! Today, I bring you an DWRP code!

If you're like me and have an incredibly long muselist, this is a code for you! ♥ This code would work well as a minimilistic muselist or a CR chart.

muse list

• This works best if the hover menu for userpics is on! :)
• If you'd rather have five muses per line instead of six, that's easy! Look for
table width="900px", right there in the first line, and change it to 800px, instead; just don't forget to drop the extra cell.
• For a "blank" cell - in order to keep everything even! - use
<td width="90px"></td>.
• I'd recommend using this with first names only; adding a last name will break the code!
• There's a version with the header and without the header, in case you'd like to use this with canons listed as well.
• Checked as working in both Firefox and Chrome.


timber: with the "muse list" header

Comments are appreciated! Please don't remove the credit. If you need any help, just ask!