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Are you like me and have a lot of Hogwarts House related opinions about your muselist? Do you have a post which details their housing (I don't know what I'm talking about I don't have one of those. Coughs). Then do I have the code for you!

This code would also work great if you wanted it a basic CR chart for like/dislike, for example, or if you want to group characters by colour based on active games.

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Hello, everyone! I've been fairly absent on the icon front; apologies (I do have some that I might post up soon!), and the Graces thing never happened. However, today I bring you a slightly different offering! Today, I bring you an DWRP code!

If you're like me and have an incredibly long muselist, this is a code for you! ♥ This code would work well as a minimilistic muselist or a CR chart.

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