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Are you like me and have a lot of Hogwarts House related opinions about your muselist? Do you have a post which details their housing (I don't know what I'm talking about I don't have one of those. Coughs). Then do I have the code for you!

This code would also work great if you wanted it a basic CR chart for like/dislike, for example, or if you want to group characters by colour based on active games.

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Has it been two years since I posted icons in this community??? The answer is a resounding yes. What is this even.

The Graces icons never happened as my computer promptly died two days after that last post and I moved onto different pastures. Anyway, most of these I've made way, way, way over a year ago for RP purposes, so they're all rather old at this point. I have some newer ones that I might get to grouping together soon, and hopefully I won't take over a year (what is wrong with me) with coding a post.

(x60) assassin's creed
- gérald blanc, lucy stillman
(x05) final fantasy x
- rikku
(x03) final fantasy xiii
- lebreau
(x25) fire emblem: awakening
- lucina
(x22) tales of xillia
- driselle sharil, elize lutus

total: 115

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Hello, everyone! I've been fairly absent on the icon front; apologies (I do have some that I might post up soon!), and the Graces thing never happened. However, today I bring you a slightly different offering! Today, I bring you an DWRP code!

If you're like me and have an incredibly long muselist, this is a code for you! ♥ This code would work well as a minimilistic muselist or a CR chart.

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Just Tales of Graces again. For those who know the game, this is from when the party sails to Strahta until the party nominates upon going to Fendel (via Warrior's Roost) to stop Richard from getting to their Valkines. Maybe a couple of spoilers here and there, but we're still fairly early in the game, so it should be fine! Onto the icons.

(x91) tales of graces
- asbel, cheria, hubert, malik, richard, pascal, sophie

total: 91

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I honestly don't know where this icon kick is coming from. But hey, may as well let it run its course! Anyway, just Tales of Graces today. For those who know the game, this is from when the party meets Pascal until the party sails to Strahta. There's also a few of when Asbel reunites with Cheria, since I didn't do that in my last one. At this rate, may end up iconing the whole game, oops.

(x103) tales of graces
- asbel, cheria, hubert, malik, richard, pascal, sophie

total: 103

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STOP. Icon time. Some of these are for rp purposes but the majority, surprisingly, are not!

(x10) kingdom hearts
- aqua, axel, kairi, naminé, riku, roxas, sora, xion
(x14) okamiden
- chibiterasu, kagu, kurow, nanami
(x05) once upon a time
- belle, emma, snow white
(x21) tales of graces
- asbel, cheria, sophie

total: 50

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IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME. Like, over a year. Anyway. Most of these are not in fact just made for this post. A lot of these are either rp icons, or cropped versions of edits I've made on my tumblr (haine - if you recognise them). Lastly, I used to be winged-requiem (lingers) and almosthereicons on livejournal, so hello to old faces! I've been on dreamwidth for a while primarily. Anyways, yes. Onto the icons.

(x23) final fantasy xiii-2/lightning returns
- hope, lightning, lumina, noel, serah, snow
(x05) fire emblem
- cath, ephidel, legault, leila, priscilla
(x11) okamiden
- kagu
(x10) once upon a time
- red

total: 49

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