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STOP. Icon time. Some of these are for rp purposes but the majority, surprisingly, are not!

(x10) kingdom hearts
- aqua, axel, kairi, naminé, riku, roxas, sora, xion
(x14) okamiden
- chibiterasu, kagu, kurow, nanami
(x05) once upon a time
- belle, emma, snow white
(x21) tales of graces
- asbel, cheria, sophie

total: 50

Every step we take our love will grow stronger )
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IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME. Like, over a year. Anyway. Most of these are not in fact just made for this post. A lot of these are either rp icons, or cropped versions of edits I've made on my tumblr (haine - if you recognise them). Lastly, I used to be winged-requiem (lingers) and almosthereicons on livejournal, so hello to old faces! I've been on dreamwidth for a while primarily. Anyways, yes. Onto the icons.

(x23) final fantasy xiii-2/lightning returns
- hope, lightning, lumina, noel, serah, snow
(x05) fire emblem
- cath, ephidel, legault, leila, priscilla
(x11) okamiden
- kagu
(x10) once upon a time
- red

total: 49

To the end of all time, just so I can see the lightning climb )

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